Daily Cashback Bonus for NZ Players ☆ BigWins

Daily Cashback Bonus Tailored for NZ Players

BigWins is dedicated to offering New Zealand players exceptional value for their money. That's why you'll enjoy cashback rewards right from your first bet! By participating in BigWins, you'll earn free credits daily, regardless of the currency you use to deposit funds. Stay active to boost your cashback percentage up to an impressive 20%, giving you that extra spin for a massive potential win.

Experience the perks of our daily cashback bonus just by playing our crypto casino games, with no need to wager anything to start with the 1% cashback level.

Understanding the Cashback Bonus

Cashback, simply put, means receiving a portion of your deposit back based on specific conditions. With BigWins' daily cashback bonus, NZ players will receive a percentage of their previous day's losses back into their account as bonus credit.

How NZ Players Can Benefit from Our Daily Cashback Bonus

To become eligible for our daily cashback bonus, register with BigWins Crypto Casino. Once registered, you'll immediately qualify for the bonus. Here's how you can make the most of BigWins' daily cashback bonus while playing:

  • Play any of your favourite games, knowing that wins and losses are part of the experience—luck plays a significant role most of the time.
  • If luck doesn't favour you, our daily cashback bonus ensures you'll recover some of your money the following day at 00:01 GMT.
  • The best part? Our cashback comes without wagering requirements, leaving the choice to withdraw or continue playing up to you.

Keep in mind that our daily cashback bonus resets every day. For example, if you don't claim a bonus accumulated on Monday by Tuesday, it won't carry over to Wednesday. We encourage you to claim your cashback bonuses promptly, as they won't roll over to the next day.

Calculating Daily Cashback Bonus for NZ Players

BigWins' daily cashback bonus isn't random. It is determined by a calculation that considers your net losses and current cashback level. Our calculation takes your net losses from the previous calendar day and your current Cashback Level to arrive at the final cashback amount, with a maximum payout per day of 500 USD or currency equivalent. The formula is as follows:

(Previous day's losses - bonuses) * cashback percentage = Daily cashback bonus

Example: A customer on Cashback Level 10 gets 10% of their net losses as cashback. If they lose 100 USDT on a Monday, they will receive 10 USDT cashback (100 USDT * 0.1) the next day.

The maximum withdrawable amount generated from one cashback credit is 2500 USDT or currency equivalent.

Note that these cashback calculations are based on GMT calendar days. Be mindful of your timezone difference when expecting a daily cashback drop in your account.

Boosting Your Daily Cashback Level

New Zealand players can enhance their cashback level by simply playing casino games on BigWins. The more you play, the higher your cashback percentage will become. Check your current Cashback Level under the cashback tab in your player centre.

Refer to the table below for more details on the available daily cashback levels. Remember, wagering is based on USD and EUR values, but wagering in all currencies counts towards your level of progress.

Cashback Level Total wagering required
Level 1 (1%) none
Level 2 (2%) 5,000 USD
Level 3 (3%) 10,000 USD
Level 4 (4%) 25,000 USD
Level 5 (5%) 50,000 USD
Level 6 (6%) 100,000 USD
Level 7 (7%) 250,000 USD
Level 8 (8%) 500,000 USD
Level 9 (9%) 1,000,000 USD
Level 10 (10%) 2,500,000 USD
Level 11 (11%) 5,000,000 USD
Level 12 (12%) 7,500,000 USD
Level 13 (13%) 10,000,000 USD
Level 14 (14%) 12,500,000 USD
Level 15 (15%) 20,000,000 USD
Level 16 (16%) 50,000,000 USD
Level 17 (17%)
100,000,000 USD
Level 18 (18%)
150,000,000 USD
Level 19 (19%)
250,000,000 USD
Level 20 (20%)
500,000,000 USD

Maintaining Your Daily Cashback Level for NZ Players

To maintain your cashback level, you need to wager 50% of the required wagering for the respective level.

Example: An NZ player has reached Cashback Level 6 by playing our crypto live casino games, for which they had to turn over a total of 100,000 USD. To keep this level, this player has to wager 50,000 USD within the following 60 days (100,000 USD * 0.5 = 50,000 USD).

Remember, our daily cashback is just one of the many casino bonuses and promotions available to Kiwi players, so make sure you explore all of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing and elevate your Cashback level to new heights!