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Daily Cashback Bonus

At Big Wins, we’re always striving to give you more for less, and that’s why you are receiving Cashback from your very first bet. Keep playing on BigWins and you can grow your cashback percentage up to a juicy 20%, which will help you getting that extra spin to reach a big win.

How does it work?

  1. Play any of your favourite games.
  2. If luck is not on your side, you will get some of your money back the following day at 00:01 GMT.
  3. Cashback comes without wagering requirements, so it's up to you if you want to withdraw or keep playing.

How is my cashback calculated?

Your Cashback is calculated based on your net losses during the previous calendar day and you current Cashback Level. The maximum cashback payout per day is 15,000 USD or currency equivalent. The formula is as follows: (Previous day's losses - bonuses) * cashback percentage

Example: A customer is on Cashback Level 10, that means he gets 10% of his net losses as cashback. The customer loses 100 USDT on a Monday. The next day, he comes back and gets 10 USDT cashback (100 USDT * 0.1).

Please note that cashback calculations are based on GMT calendar days.

How do I increase my cashback level?

You can increase your cashback level simply by playing on BigWins casino. The more you play, the higher your cashback percentage. You can check your current Cashback Level under the cashback tab in your player center.

Have a look at the table below if you want to know more details on cashback levels. Keep in mind that wagering is based on USD and EUR values, but wagering in all currencies counts towards your level progress.

Cashback Level Total wagering required
Level 1 (1%) none
Level 2 (2%) 5,000 USD
Level 3 (3%) 10,000 USD
Level 4 (4%) 25,000 USD
Level 5 (5%) 50,000 USD
Level 6 (6%) 100,000 USD
Level 7 (7%) 250,000 USD
Level 8 (8%) 500,000 USD
Level 9 (9%) 1,000,000 USD
Level 10 (10%) 2,500,000 USD
Level 11 (11%) 5,000,000 USD
Level 12 (12%) 7,500,000 USD
Level 13 (13%) 10,000,000 USD
Level 14 (14%) 12,500,000 USD
Level 15 (15%) 20,000,000 USD
Level 16 (16%) 50,000,000 USD
Level 17 (17%)
100,000,000 USD
Level 18 (18%)
150,000,000 USD
Level 19 (19%)
250,000,000 USD
Level 20 (20%)
500,000,000 USD

To maintain your cashback level, you need to wager 50% of the required wagering for the respective level.

Example: A Customer has reached Cashback Level 6 for which he had to turn over a total of 100,000 USD. To keep this level, this customer has to wager 50,000 USD within the following 60 days (100,000 USD * 0.5 = 50,000 USD).

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing, and raise your Cashback Level to never-before-seen heights!