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BigWins encourages responsible gambling habits so that players can have more fun while gaming

Before you start gambling at an online casino, you must understand that gambling is primarily a recreational activity. Despite all the warnings and regulations in place, there still is a small percentage of people who may lose control while gambling online. Therefore, it's crucial for you to keep track of the time and money you're spending on gambling daily. Keeping track ensures that gambling doesn't become a problem for you.

Borrowing money with the intent to gamble, spending more than your bankroll can handle, or using money that was saved for other purposes can lead to problems for yourself and others. Therefore, remember: it's important to be safe when gambling and to know when to stop.

Following these tips can help you to stay safe if you choose to gamble

Below, you can find helpful tips that will enable you to enjoy online casino games to the fullest.

Don't think of gambling as a way to make money

There are lots of different games to enjoy at BigWins Casino. However, sometimes people can get too focused on winning money and chasing losses, instead of just enjoying the games. This can lead to potential financial problems. Therefore, it's paramount to remember that gambling should always be for fun, and not used as a way to make money.

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose

Gamble within your weekly entertainment budget, not with your rent money or bills budget.

Set a money limit in advance

Figure out a budget of how much you can afford to lose before beginning to play. When this allotted gambling budget it's gone – it's over! If you win, you've been lucky, but don't be disappointed if your luck doesn't continue.

Set a time limit in advance

When playing crypto casino games, it's very easy to lose track of time. You should set a time limit or alarm, and when the time's up, stop gambling!

Never chase your losses

If you lose your whole set money limit and then immediately try to win some of it back, then you haven't really set a money limit. Chasing your losses usually just leads to bigger losses. Remember to take a break if you find yourself on a losing streak, no matter whether you are playing RNG games such as slots or live casino games.

Don't gamble when you're depressed or upset

Decision-making can be harder when you're gambling while being stressed or emotionally upset. Therefore, make sure you only gamble when you're feeling happy and clear-headed

Balance gambling with other activities

When gambling becomes your only form of entertainment, it's highly unlikely that you're still gambling recreationally, meaning your gambling may have even become a problem. Despite the fact it is fun, still, make sure gambling isn't your only pastime.

Take frequent breaks

Gambling continuously can lead you to lose track of time and lose your perspective. Take frequent breaks for some air or a bite to eat

Don't drink or use drugs when gambling

Drugs and alcohol cloud your good judgment which stands as your main line of defence against letting gambling get out of hand

Self-assessment test

If you're having a feeling that your gambling habits are getting out of hand, or you outright think you might have a gambling problem, please take the Self-Assessment Test. The results from this test will help you understand your gambling habits and see if there are any potential issues. If you're worried about the results of your test, you can take a break or contact our Customer Support for more help and advice.

Take a break / Self-Exclusion

If gambling is negatively impacting your life, and the limits you've set do not contribute towards controlling your play, you can always block access to your account for as long as you need. As an extreme measure, you can even permanently block your account (self-exclusion). Please contact our customer support, and they'll help you with your request.

Underage Gambling

BigWins only accepts players who are at least 18 years old. We use all available methods to prevent underage people from registering and playing at our casino. If we suspect that a player is not of legal gambling age, we will request identification. If the player is not of legal gambling age, or they cannot prove they are of legal gambling age, they will be denied access to the website.


We dedicate a lot of time and resources to preventing minors from playing at our casino. However, we believe that this is best done as a shared responsibility between us and the parents or guardians of any minor that might get access to our website.

If you're worried or have a reasonable concern that someone underage is using our site, please do not hesitate to contact us through our help center. We'll take the necessary steps in order to resolve the issue. As a parent or guardian, you can also use an internet filter that reduces the chance of underage gambling in your home.


Remember, there is software available that can help prevent underage gambling. For more information, please see the websites listed below.


Get Help and Support

Our customer support agents are always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us by LiveChat or by email at [email protected].

If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, we highly encourage visiting the following trusted sites for support:


GamCare is an organization that provides support and information to individuals affected by problem gambling. They offer a range of services, including counselling, support groups, and a helpline for people experiencing issues with gambling addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

The organization's purpose is to help individuals struggling with gambling addiction to stop gambling and to help them recover from the problems gambling has caused in their lives. Meetings are run by peers who have recovered from a gambling problem, and the program is based on the idea that sharing experiences and feelings can help individuals overcome their addiction.


BeGambleAware is a non-profit organization that aims to promote responsible gambling. They provide information and support to individuals who may be experiencing problems with gambling addiction, as well as education and resources for professionals who work with people affected by problem gambling. They also work to raise awareness of the potential harms of gambling and to reduce the stigma associated with problem gambling. BeGambleAware provides a helpline and online chat service, which is open 24 hours a day and is confidential and anonymous. They also provide advice and support services to help people manage their gambling habits and to keep gambling fun.

In addition to GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous, and BeGambleAware, there are several other organizations that provide support and resources for individuals affected by problem gambling: