Join Aviatrix Network Tournament and Win Big Prizes | Big Wins

Buckle up tight, and take a lucky flight!

Fly high above the winter clouds in the Aviatrix network competition and you can win a daily share of a whopping €1,500,000 prize pool! Design your aircraft, place real money bets, and soar above the competition.

Here's how it works:

  1. Place at least 1 real money bet during the campaign day
  2. 25% of players will be randomly chosen as winners
  3. Rewards will be paid out according to the experience of the aircraft

Anyone can get lucky and be selected as a daily winner, but the size of the reward depends on the experience of your NFT aircraft. The more bets you have placed, the better are the rewards. So wait no longer, start your engine and prepare for take-off!

Promotional Terms

*The rewards will be available in the game window starting from 19:00 UTC the next day. If you played during the previous day, remember to check the game and see if you've won a reward. Unclaimed rewards will be lost!