BigWins - Weekly Cashback Bonus on Crypto Deposits

BigWins Cashback and Rewards

At BigWins, we always strive to give you more for less, and that’s reflected in our Cashback and Rewards program. Every game round you play on BigWins accumulates Level Points. The points increase your cashback rate and reward you with unique benefits as you progress in the program.

Quick Start Guide to the Cashback and Rewards Program

  1. Register an account at BigWins Crypto Casino.
  2. Play your favorite games in popular Crypto Currencies or Fiat.
  3. Accumulate points (every €1 wagered on Slots = 1 point), earn unique level-up rewards and reach up to 20% in wager-free weekly cashback.

How Does the Cashback and Rewards Program Work?

On registration, you begin the program at level 1 and a 1% cashback rate. As you accumulate points and progress in the program, your cashback rate will increase by 1% for each level-up, up to 20%. And that’s not all. Each level-up will also grant you a unique level-up reward. The rewards range from wager-free Free Spins to Cash Bonuses.

How Do the Level Up Rewards Work?

Every time you reach a new level, we notify you with a message with information about your reward. The rewards will be usable within minutes when you achieve a new level. The rewards range from wager-free Free Spins to the most popular games all the way to cash bonuses.

How Does the Cashback Work?

The cashback calculation considers your net losses and current cashback level. It takes your net losses during the previous week (mon-sun) and your current Cashback Level to get the final number of cashback, with a maximum payout per week of €10,000 or currency equivalent. The formula is as follows:

(Previous week's losses - bonuses) * cashback percentage = Weekly cashback.

Example: You are on Cashback Level 10, which means you get 10% of your net losses as cashback. You then had net losses of €1,000 for the previous week. Next Monday, when you return to BigWins, you will get €100 cashback (€1,000 * 0.1).

The cashback calculations are done in GMT. Take note of your timezone difference when expecting a cashback drop in your account.

The best part about the cashback? The cashback is paid as a wager-free bonus with no strings attached, so it's up to you if you want to withdraw or keep playing. The cashback credits are only valid 6 days from the payout, so log in the following week not to miss them.

How Do I Increase My Level?

You can increase your Cashback and Rewards Program level simply by playing casino games on BigWins. That's it. Remember, the more you play, the higher your cashback percentage will become. You can check your current Level under the cashback tab in your player center. The progress bar is updated hourly.

The table below shows you the points requirements for each level in the program. Every €1 wagered in Slot games grants you one point. In other games, every €5 grants you one point.

Level and Cashback % Points required
Level 1 (1%) none
Level 2 (2%) 100
Level 3 (3%) 500
Level 4 (4%) 2,000
Level 5 (5%) 5,000
Level 6 (6%) 10,000
Level 7 (7%) 20,000
Level 8 (8%) 35,000
Level 9 (9%) 50,000
Level 10 (10%) 100,000
Level 11 (11%) 200,000
Level 12 (12%) 350,000
Level 13 (13%) 500,000
Level 14 (14%) 750,000
Level 15 (15%) 1,000,000
Level 16 (16%) 1,500,000
Level 17 (17%)
Level 18 (18%)
Level 19 (19%)
Level 20 (20%)

Can My Level Decrease?

Your level will not decrease as long as you have made a deposit to your account within the last 12 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing, and raise your Cashback Level to never-before-seen heights!

Terms and Conditions

  • The BigWins Cashback and Rewards Program is available to all new and existing customers starting from 2023-09-04 07:01 GMT.
  • The Program is available until further notice.

Structure of the Program

  • The program has two separate features: A Weekly Cashback and Level Up Rewards.
  • Players can accumulate points by wagering real money in any of the games offered by BigWins. The number of collected points will determine the player’s level in the program.
  • The current level can be seen from the Cashback tab located in the player center.
  • The Program levels do not reset, once a level is reached it will keep until the next level is reached.

Earning Points

  • Players can earn points by playing real money game rounds in games offered by BigWins. Bets made with bonus money are not included.
  • There are no minimum bet requirements for earning points, each real money transaction will earn points.
  • Points accumulate as follows on Slot games: €1 or the currency equivalent of real money bets = 1 point
  • Points accumulate as follows on all other games: €5 or the currency equivalent of real money bets = 1 point
  • The points cannot be exchanged for money, or otherwise redeemed in any other way. The points are used only to determine the player’s level in the program.

Program Levels

  • Each player starts the program at level 1, there are no requirements for being at level 1.
  • There are 20 levels in the program. The levels and their points requirements can be seen on this page.

Level Up Rewards

  • The program contains rewards that are paid out once the level has been reached.
  • Players will be notified with an on-site message whenever a reward has been won.
  • The message will contain all necessary information about the reward, and any instructions there may be to claiming it.
  • The program levels are updated hourly.
  • The BigWins General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Bonus Terms, apply to the rewards.


  • The cashback is counted as a weekly cashback.
  • The measurement period for the weekly cashback is from Monday 00:01 GMT to Sunday 23:59 GMT
  • Any cashback earned during the week will be paid out on Mondays at 00:01 GMT.
  • Any cashback amounts are based on the player's net losses during the week. The calculation formula is as follows: (Previous week's losses - bonuses) * cashback percentage = Weekly cashback bonus
  • Example: A player whose cashback level is 10% has net losses between Monday and Sunday for the amount of €500 excluding bonuses, the player would earn a €50 cashback.
  • Cashbacks are paid out as real money without any wagering requirements.
  • Once a cashback has been paid out, it must be redeemed within 6 days. Redemption of the cashback can be done by using it for playing or withdrawing it.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, the maximum cashback that can be earned for one week is €10,000. The maximum applies to all levels.
  • Due to the automated nature of the cashback process, customer support can't issue any advance payments.

General terms and conditions

  • The numbers and amounts presented in these Terms and Conditions are presented in Euros. A conversion rate of 1:1 is applied to USD, a conversion rate of 1 = 1.6 is applied to NZD, and a conversion rate of 1 = 150 is applied to JPY.
  • Cashbacks or rewards are not paid out to closed or self-excluded accounts. If an account has been closed, self-excluded, or otherwise suspended during a payout, that payout will automatically be forfeited and it will not be credited retroactively.
  • BigWins reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the Loyalty Program at any time and its sole discretion. It is the player's responsibility to keep up-to-date about these terms and conditions.
  • BigWins reserves the right to exclude any players and/or withhold any potential payouts if it suspects that players are attempting to abuse the program in any way.
  • In any dispute, the decision of BigWins is considered full and final.
  • In case of discrepancies between the English version of the Terms and Conditions and any other language version, the English version prevails.
  • The General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Bonus terms of BigWins, apply to the full program.
  • Terms and conditions last updated 2023-09-04 07:01 GMT.