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Are you ready for a unique gaming experience? We’re the best crypto casino in the world, which means we’re always looking for new ways to keep you entertained. This desire to satisfy has led us to crash games. An innovative type of crypto casino game, crash gambling is the ultimate test of nerves and timing. So, if you’re ready to try something different, scroll down to learn more about casino crash games.

What Are Crash Games?

Casino crash games allow you to win prize multipliers based on how long you keep a bet active. In some sense, a crypto crash game is a test of how long you can hold your nerve. Why? Because the longer you keep a bet active, the bigger your prize could be. However, as the name suggests, hold onto your bet for too long and things could come crashing down.

The basic rules of crash gambling are as follows:

  • You place a bet.

  • An event starts.

  • As the event progresses, a prize multiplier increases in value.

  • You hold your bet for as long as you wish.

  • Eventually, the event reaches a point where it crashes.

That’s a general overview of a crypto crash game. The “event” we’ve referenced will vary depending on the type of casino crash game you’re playing. The two main points you need to be aware of are:

  • The prize multiplier increases once the betting round starts.

  • The prize multiplier will crash at a random point.

You have the power to place a bet and remove it at will. For example, let’s say you wager $10, and the multiplier starts increasing. It goes from 1x, to 2x, to 4x. You decide that’s enough of a return and hit the cashout button. The profit will be credited to your balance, and you’re free to play again or try something else from our cash games online casino lobby. 

Let’s take the same example, but this time, you decide to let your bet ride for longer. The multipliers go up from 1x to 2x, 4x, 8x, and crash! If you haven’t removed your bet before the crash, you lose it. That’s the aim of these casino games. You’re playing a proverbial game of chicken, i.e. you’re aiming to hold your position for as long as possible before moving out of the way.

Get the timing right and you can maximize your returns. Get it wrong and you’ll lose it all. What’s the maximum win in casino crash games? That depends on the variant you’re playing. However, many of the best crash games have prize multipliers that start at 1x and climb as high as 10,000x or more.

Different Types of Crash Games

Crash games are one of the latest trends in online gambling, which means there are new options popping up all the time. The crash gambling dynamic can be applied to a variety of events and activities. As we now know, the underlying mechanic is fairly simple. An event starts and a prize multiplier increases in value until it crashes.

Casino providers have found ways to apply the crash gambling dynamic to popular esports, such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). Let’s give you a hypothetical example of how a sports-based crash game would work. You load up the game and place a bet. The game starts and a prize multiplier gets attached to a horse in a virtual race.

The multiplier increases in value as the horse runs and clears obstacles. The multiplier continues to increase in value until the horse hits and fences and falls i.e. it crashes. Everyone who cashed out before this point wins a prize. Anyone who didn’t cash out before the crash loses their stake.

This underlying dynamic can be applied to a variety of scenarios. For example, another game, a crypto crash game, could be a simple line on a graph increasing over a period of time until it crashes. The point here is that the game itself can have a specific theme, but the increasing multiplier dynamic is always the same. Therefore, you can play crypto crash games in a variety of settings and win cash prizes.

Short History of Crash Games

Casino crash games were born from two ideas: gambling and investing. As you’ll see when you play our top-rated Bitcoin crash games, the interface looks very similar to a crypto exchange. Anyone that’s ever invested in or traded cryptocurrencies will know the markets are volatile. The price of Bitcoin and other tokens can increase and decrease significantly on a daily basis.

That’s a great dynamic to utilize when you’re developing a new type of casino game. You never know when the crypto markets are going to surge and when they’re going to crash. When you take this and combine it with a betting system, you get crash games. As the leading online casino with real money and crypto games, we’ve embraced crash gambling. We love gambling and we love the cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, we believe casino crash games are a natural fit.

How to Play Crash Games For Real Money

You can access the BigWins crash games casino lobby once you’re a member of our community. You can only become a member of the community by completing the following steps below:

1.     Click the sign-up button to join BigWins Casino.

2.     Go to the casino payments page and make a deposit.

3.     Choose a crash game, place a bet, and see how long you can hold your nerve.

Completing the steps listed above not only gives you access to our crypto casino games, but a variety of promotions. For example, as a BigWins customer, you’ll get automatically a daily cashback bonus. You can use this promotion and others to enhance your overall experience and, in turn, get more for less when you play casino crash games.

Casino Crash Games FAQ

How do crash gambling games work?

Crash games feature a prize multiplier that increases over a period of time until it crashes. This increasing multiplier can be denoted by a variety of animations, including a rocket or a crypto price chart. Your job is to hold your bet for as long as possible and cash out before the multiplier crashes.

Can I play crash games with crypto?

Yes! We offer a variety of crypto crash games, including Bitcoin crash games. This means you can deposit a variety of tokens, including BTC, and play for real money prizes. Alternatively, you can play crash games for cash prizes in fiat currencies such as CAD.


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