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Online Bingo at BigWins

It should be no surprise that bingo is one of the oldest casino games in the world. Its roots go back to the 16th century to an Italian lottery called Il Gioco del Lotto d'Itali. Over time, this game evolved into the bingo loved by millions of players around the world today. Needless to say, despite being centuries old, bingo is as popular as ever. While you might be wondering why this is the case, the answer is quite obvious: aside from its intrinsic qualities, bingo is a highly adaptable game.

With that being true, it’s hardly surprising that online bingo has brought a variety of new ideas and innovations to the fore. Basically, if you love what Brits refer to as “the call of the balls”, BigWins Bingo is the place to be. This guide explains the basics of online bingo, a bit more about us, and why this game has been a hit with players for more than 500 years.

What is Bingo?

Bingo, whether you play in a live setting or online, involves numbered balls and a bingo game card. The aim is simple: match numbers on your bingo card with those on the balls which are drawn at random. Match enough numbers to complete a specific pattern, and you’ll win a prize. It’s that easy.

Each round of online bingo starts with a purchase. You can buy one or more game cards when you play. Remember, each bingo card has a fixed cost, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend.

Once you’ve bought a game card, you need to put a mark on each number that’s drawn at random. If you’re playing a traditional bingo game by sitting in a bingo hall in Canada or elsewhere in the world, you’ll use a pen to mark each number you hit. On the other hand, playing bingo online allows you to skip this part because our software does it for you.

Therefore, when you play our games, including crypto bingo, you can sit back and watch as numbers are drawn. Remember, this not only makes online bingo extremely easy to play, but it also means you will never miss a number. That’s crucial because, as we’ll explain in the next section, online and crypto bingo games are all about matching numbers on your game card before everyone else.

Crypto Online Bingo at BigWins

Crypto bingo is one of the latest innovations we’ve embraced at BigWins. You’ll be able to play Bitcoin bingo via your desktop or mobile using the latest financial technology. As impressive as crypto bingo games are, it’s not the only way this historic game has been updated to meet the demands of modern online bingo players.

We give you access to promotions, progressive jackpots, themed games, and speedy showdowns when you play bingo online with us.

How to Play Bingo Games For Real Money

Playing online bingo is easy, as we’ve said. All you need to do is buy a bingo game card and wait for the action to start. To win, you need to match enough numbers to complete a pattern before everyone else.

The patterns are determined by the type of online bingo you’re playing. Before we get into some specifics, here are a few of the most popular bingo variants you can play at BigWins Casino:

  • 90 Ball Bingo

  • 80 Ball Bingo

  • 75 Ball Bingo

  • 30 Ball Bingo

  • Progressive Jackpot Bingo

As you probably guessed, the main difference between the above games is the number of balls in play. Despite this difference, the aim is always the same: match the numbers on your card to the numbers drawn at random.

How to Form a Winning Pattern in a Bingo Game

It's important that you remember the fact that the number of balls in play affects how many matches you need to unlock a prize. For example, a game card in the 90 ball online bingo game contains three lines of nine boxes. Five of the nine boxes contain numbers, and four are empty. This means that the bingo game card will contain 15 numbers. The patterns you need to complete to win this particular bingo game are:

  • One Line = Mark off all the numbers on a single row;

  • Two Lines = Mark of all the numbers on two rows;

  • Full House = Mark off all the numbers on your game card (i.e. all three rows).

Remember, you have to be the first player to complete one of the above patterns to win a prize. In other words, if you complete a line and someone has already done it, you don’t win a prize. This dynamic is true in all types of crypto bingo at any online casino. The only thing that changes is the pattern. As long as you keep this in mind, you’re ready to play bingo online.

The final point to note is that you’re competing against other players. That’s what makes online bingo exciting. You’re not only competing against a random draw but other players as well. The good news is that playing bingo online is friendly and fun.

The online bingo community is renowned for being extremely welcoming. You’ll notice this when you join the BigWins Casino community bingo rooms. Regardless of whether you play casino scratch cardscrash games, online bingo, or anything else we offer, our communities offer a unique, fun experience for you to enjoy. However, when it comes to casino games with the biggest sense of community, online bingo comes out on top.

Online Bingo Games - Summary

To play any of our online bingo games, including Bitcoin bingo, tap our registration button. You’ll get access to all of our casino games, including slots, blackjack roulette, bingo, and more. You can also bag a plethora of bonuses, including our daily cashback bonus. Put simply, if you want to play bingo online, there’s no better place to be than BigWins Casino!

Online Bingo FAQ

Can I play online bingo games with crypto?

Yes! We’ve got a variety of online bingo games, including crypto bingo. You can use our secure payments page to deposit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies. Doing this allows you to play Bitcoin bingo and many more fantastic crypto casino games.

How does bingo work?

Bingo is a game where you need to match numbers on your game card with ones drawn at random. The player who hits the required number of matches first wins a prize. When you play bingo games online at BigWins Casino, our software handles everything. That means you can sit back, relax, and enjoy hassle-free bingo.

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