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Live Casino at Big Wins

Big Wins live casino is the most interactive way to play blackjack, roulette, and other online casino games. Why? Because crypto live casino games provide live action, as you have probably guessed already. This means human dealers control the action, just as they would in a land-based casino. Crypto live casino maintains this dynamic. You get to see dealers pull shuffled cards from a deck. You watch from afar as hosts spin roulette wheels. You can interact with other players and live casino dealers via Live Chat, almost like in a real casino. That’s why they’re called live dealer casino games, and that’s why they offer an authentic experience. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the interactive world of Big Wins online Bitcoin casino, scroll down to find out what's offered. 

Types of Live Casino Games Online

Live crypto casino games feature human dealers and physical objects, e.g. cards, betting chips, roulette balls, and wheels. Everything you’ll find in a land-based casino is present in a live casino game. That’s impressive, but it’s only impressive if you can see what’s happening.

This is where webcams come into play. Live dealer casino games are broadcasted to the world from casinos and gaming studios via HD webcams. These cameras give you a front-row seat to the best crypto live casinos. They don’t just give you a front-row seat; they give you a view from multiple angles, especially when you play live casino games at our Big Wing online casino.

Giving you the ability to watch live online casino games from a variety of angles is great. You get a complete overview of the action, which ensures maximum engagement and, in turn, peace of mind that everything is legit. However, that’s not enough to run a fair game.

This is where RFID technology comes into play. RFID sensors receive signals from small sensors. These sensors are placed on live gaming tables and transmit data to a central processor. This processor compares your bets to the results.

If the bets and results match, wins are credited to your account. So, what you’ve got here is a system where you can see everything happening, and sensors record everything happening in real-time. Or, in other words, live casino is engaging and 100% fair.

Now that that was cleared up; the obvious question is: what crypto and Bitcoin live casino games can you play at Big Wins? And the answer is: dozens to choose from!

The live dealer casino games at Big Wins Casino

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game aiming to beat the dealer in a race to 21. You start with two cards and have the option to hit or stand. Hitting gets you another card. Standing means you’re sticking on a total.

If the combined value of your cards is higher than the dealer’s, you win. The best total in the game is 21, and any total above that is declared a loser. So, what you’re trying to do is get as close to 21 as possible without going over to obtain a better total than the dealer.

Live blackjack lets you see the dealer. This creates an engaging gaming experience. What’s also great about playing blackjack is that there are multiple variants to suit your particular play style. There are classic variants, games where an unlimited number of players can compete against the dealer, and live blackjack tables with bonus bets. Add themed games into the mix, and you’ve got various ways to play live blackjack at Big Wins.

Live Roulette

The aim of roulette is simple: predict where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. Live roulette at Big Wins Casino takes this concept to a new level. Here, you will find both American and European roulette games, but that's not all.

In the quest to think bigger than other live casino sites, Big Wins offers modern variants. These live roulette games take the well-known and beloved traditional format and enhance it. These enhancements can be a lot of things, such as adding extra balls to the mix, cashback on certain bets, and prize multipliers.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is similar to blackjack because one hand is competing against another in an effort to make the best total. However, unlike blackjack, the best total is nine and not 21. Additionally, you don’t get to hit or stand. Instead, you bet on a hand (the Player or the Banker) and win if you’ve made the right pick.

Live baccarat at Big Wins brings this challenge to your computer and mobile device. Crypto live casino brings baccarat to you in a variety of ways. You can choose classic variants or choose novel variants such as Dragon Tiger, which is a one-card variant of baccarat.

Here you can also find games with a twist. For example, Squeeze Live Baccarat is a game where the suspense is palpable. Dealers will slowly reveal the cards, so the result takes a little more time which makes things more exciting.

Live Poker

Live casino poker is all about making the best five-card hand. There are various ways you can get to this goal and they’ll vary depending on the variant you’re playing. However, the main aim when you’re playing any live poker game is to make a ranked hand that beats the dealer.

Live Game Shows

Game shows from developers such as Evolution have taken crypto live gaming to a new level. They’re the perfect mix of casino gaming and non-casino gaming. Games such as Live Dream Catcher, Live Monopoly, and Live Crazy Time are live game shows.

Yes, you do get to make bets and win cash prizes. However, they radiate a feeling as if it were a TV show rather than a casino game. If you want a more relaxed gaming experience where entertainment is as much a part of things as betting, then live game shows are ideal for you.

Best Crypto Live Dealer Casino Games

Now that the general overview of the live dealer games is over, let's move on to the logical next step. After all, you now know that you can play a variety of traditional casino games, as well as modern offerings, with human hosts via your computer or mobile.

Before you hit the sign-up button and scroll through the Big Wins live casino lobby, here are five of the most popular offerings online:

Evolution Live Speed Baccarat – This is a high-octane game where a new betting round starts every 27 rather than the more standard 48 seconds.

Evolution Live Blackjack – Take on a dealer in this classic race to 21 in a live casino studio environment.

Lightning Roulette – Evolution Gaming’s Lightning live games add random multipliers into the mix. In this game, random numbers can be hit with lightning bolts that can boost your payouts from 30X to 1,000X.

Crazy Time – This crypto live casino game has something for everyone. Each round starts with the spin of a prize wheel. Depending on where the wheel stops, you can multiply your bets or, even better, enter a bonus round where multipliers can unlock payouts topping 10,000X!

MONOPOLY Live - Live MONOPOLY allows you to bet where a prize wheel will stop. Just like the main game, Live MONOPOLY has an animated bonus round where MR. MONOPOLY moves around the game board picking up prizes.

How to Play Bitcoin Live Casino?

You need an account to play Big Wins live casino and win cash prizes. Our lightning-fast sign-up process gets you straight into the action. From there, you can make a deposit, and later on, you can claim our casino cashback bonus, and follow these steps to play live dealer games online:

  1. Scroll through the Big Wins live casino lobby

  2. Find a live dealer game that piques your interest

  3. Read through the game’s rules so you know how to play

  4. Open the game 

  5. Place your bets

  6. Wait for the game round to start and make your moves

Following these steps will get you into the mix and start an exciting journey in the live casino universe.

Live Casino FAQ

What times are live dealer casino games available?

It used to be the case that live casinos had opening and closing times, but that’s no longer the case. Since crypto live casino games have become extremely popular, they now run 24/7.

Is live casino available on mobile?

Yes. All the best live casino games from developers such as Evolution and Playtech have made their products available for both desktop and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

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